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Silk Shampoo Stick

THB 310.-THB 270.- only!


You will have 'Angel Hairs'

Well known Thai silk is produced from the cocoons of Thai silkworms.

We are using silk from 'Bombyx more' which is known for the famous glossy mulberry silk.

Availability: 1st March 2019

All our soaps are 'handmade' in northern Thailand in a small but beautiful factory. We are able to produce only a very limited amount of this highly popular and amazing products.

This luxurious, 100% natural and organic shampoo stick consists of:

Raw Premium Thai Silk
Premium Oils (Olive, Coconut, Almond, Avocado, Olive, Castor)
Fresh Goat Milk
Organic premium scent blend made of Lavender-Bergamot-Yland-Geranium-Grapefruit-Rosewood-Jasmin
...AND NOTHING ELSE! A 100% Natural Product!

Since we do 'not' use anything else in our soaps, it takes 8 weeks from production day until the soap is ready for packaging and use.

*The feedback received from over far over 50 woman who tested this product is that no conditioner is needed as the when using our premium shampoo stick

A pleasant side effect:

Many woman usig this product report that they do not need to use conditioner anymore. Now that is a lovely site effect.
The raw silk in the soap will have a special effect on very dark hair in certain light oonditions making some hairs glow like the hairs of angles.


1. Information about Thai Silk