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Premium Organic Coconut Soap

THB 520.-THB 460.- only!


Premium Pure Coconut Soaps

Coconut in beauty is amazing! Its anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, moisturize your skin, removes death skin cells and much more! All this comes together with one of the most fresh and natural scents

Availability: 1st March 2019

All our soaps are 'handmade' in northern Thailand in a small but beautiful factory. We are able to produce only a very limited amount of this highly popular and amazing products.

This luxurious, 100% natural and organic shampoo stick consists of:

Organic fresh coconut meat
Premium Oils (Olive, Coconut, Almond, Avocado, Olive, Castor)
Fresh Goats Milk
Forbitten Coconut Fragrance
...AND NOTHING ELSE! A 100% Natural Product!

*Coconut oil is natural antibacterial, anti fungal, and moisturizing! People who care for themselves swear by its use as a moisturizer for their whole body.

Who does not love coconut?
  • Coconut can Kill Harmful Microorganisms
  • Coconut improves dry skin by improving the moisture content.
  • Coconut reduces symptoms of eczema
  • Coconut dissolves the 'glue' between death skin cells and your healthy skin and therefore ex-foliate your skin and you will look 'fresher'

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