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THB 590.-THB 499.- only!


Incomparable Luxury

The Edelweiss is the most stunning and amazing flower from the European alps. The name literally means 'Nobel White'

Natural Anti-Aging, Harmful UV protection, Its an Antioxidant and it helps your skin to stay wrinkle free and firm.

Availability: 1st March 2019

All our soaps are 'handmade' in northern Thailand in a small but beautiful factory. We are able to produce only a very limited amount of this highly popular and amazing products.

This luxurious, 100% natural and organic soap consists of:

Edelweiss Extract
Fresh Goat Milk
Organic premium scent blend made of orange, tangerine, nutmeg and sandalwood
Premium Olive Oil
Premium Coconut Oil
...AND NOTHING ELSE! 100% organic!

Since we do 'not' use anything else in our soaps, it takes 8 weeks from production day until the soap is ready for packaging and use.

*The Edelweiss flower is strictly protected plant in almost all areas of Europe.
We have all documentation to show that use only legally acquired Edelweiss concentrate from farmed Edelweiss flowers.


As we step out into the sun every day, our skin is exposed to harmful chemicals and light that can damage our skin and introduce free radicals into our tissues. These free radicals do further harm, which causes premature signs of aging and can even cause cancer if left unchecked. Edelweiss extract fights these free radicals and even acts as a sunscreen to prevent any further damage. Once protected, skin can begin to replenish its structures, which helps skin achieve a younger appearance.


Most of edelweiss’ anti-aging capacity comes from its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants combat free radicals, which are harmful compounds that damage cells important to your body’s functions, causing health issues and leading to wrinkles, age spots, and loose skin. Edelweiss extract is a particularly powerful antioxidant – it has even more potency than vitamin C. It helps your skin stay wrinkle-free, supple, and firm.
The product also has high antioxidant potential that protects against skin oxidation to prevent signs of aging.


Proven to increase the skins natural luminosity by ongoing usage.
Edelweiss plant cells nurture inner glow to promote healthy skin from deep within.


The tiny hairs on edelweiss petals protect the flower from the strong UV rays it experiences at high altitudes. Researchers have found that the extract also acts as a natural sunblock when used on skin because it absorbs the sun’s rays before they reach your skin. This helps protect against the harmful effects of UV rays, including premature aging and skin cancer.


Giving Edelweiss as a gift to a loved one is a promise of dedication and love. In history, many men lost their lives in Europe trying to gather these flowers from steep mountains as getting a bouquet of it proved that the suitor was able-bodied, genuine and had serious intentions.

It is a protected plant in many countries including Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, but now also available in greenhouses in the U.S. and as dried flowers in Canada.

It has its picture on the two cents Austrian Euro.

With time, it was forgotten in the pages of history, to only be revived back by the movie "The Sound of Music". "Bring Me An Edelweiss" is a song still remembered for its melody.

Royal emperors in Europe had a picture of it on their coats.


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  • Very high radical scavenging activity of antioxidant products of 286 (= Radical Protection Factor, RPF)
  • Antioxidant activity twice as much as vitamin C
  • Can improve appearance of aged and/or irritated skin
  • Often used together with sun protecting agents